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We know that the stress of moving brings up a lot of questions from our customers, especially if you're a first-time mover. Here's some advice from the professionals.

I have so much stuff! How do I keep track of it all during a move?

Make a list of contents for each room in order to keep an inventory of your belongings. With a master list of the items you're moving, it will be easier to organize and keep track of all your things. Our professional organizers can help with this if the project seems too intimidating or if you just want someone to take it off your plate.

How do I get rid of clutter before my move?

The answer to this one seems simple but saying goodbye to unused belongings can be difficult. Hire Muscle Man Movers Professional Organizers to help sift through items to keep or throw away if you don't use it in your current home.

How do I begin the process of packing up my things?

When you're starting to pack your belongings, it's important not to bite off more than you can chew. Start well before your move and pack a few boxes per day. Chipping away at all the packing that needs to be done day by day helps prevent being overwhelmed and makes moving more manageable.​

Where do I get the supplies to start packing everything?

There are many places to purchase packaging materials. That's why we offer our own packaging materials to our customers at an exclusive discounted rate. You can see our pricing here:

  • Book boxes - $2.00 per box​

  • Medium boxes - $2.50 per box

  • Large boxes - $3.00 per box

  • Wardrobe boxes (holds 3 ft. of clothing) - $10.00 per box

  • Paper - $1.00 per pound

  • Tape - $2.50 per roll

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