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Packing Supply Handout Process

1. Sign up for Packing Supplies

  • While filling out the registration form, please let us know how many boxes you are looking to store. Our average customer uses 4-6 large boxes to store the items in a standard dorm room.  We suggest you sign up for ~1-2 more boxes than you think you'll need; we'll happily pick up any boxes that you don't use without charge.


  • Our packing supply handout dates will be emailed to all customers who have registered. Please note that if signing up after supply handout dates have passed, you can still schedule a pickup, but you'll have to use your own packing supplies.

2. Receive Supplies

  • After registering for summer storage, you'll receive email confirmation of your request.  This email will need to be presented to our crew at the time of your Packing Supply Handout.


  • On the day of your Packing Supply Handout, you'll meet us at the time and location at which we have provided to you via email. At the handout you'll be able to pick up your boxes, and tape.  

3. Return Unused Supplies

  • On your registered pick-up day, our crew that picks up your storage items can also pick up any unused supplies. Please tell our crew that you have extra, unused supplies, and they'll be happy to return them for you. Any unreturned supplies will be charged a fee (see Additional Information)

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