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Packing Advice

Protecting your belongings throughout transport and storage is key. Here's how:


  • Original boxes: Use them for electronics if available. They're sized and padded perfectly.

  • Fragile items: Wrap them in towels, blankets, newspaper, or clothes for cushioning.

  • Fill empty spaces: Use towels, blankets, or crumpled paper to prevent items from shifting.


  • Muscle Man labels: Stick them on all boxed items and furniture. They come free with box delivery or can be printed.

  • Box labeling: Be sure to label every box and fill them out clearly with a marker. Include your name, and item number (e.g., "Item 1 of 4").

  • Unboxed items: Use Muscle Man labels. Fill out the same information.

Sticker tip: Stickers may not be easily removable, so place them carefully to avoid damage upon removal.

Remember: Secure packing and clear labeling ensure your belongings arrive safely at their destination.

Distribute Weight Evenly:

  • Prevent strain: Split heavy items across boxes to avoid over-packing and injury.

  • Mix weights: Combine books with lighter items like clothes for support and book protection.

  • Center heavy items: Place them within the box for optimal stability and box integrity.

  • Heavy boxes fee: Boxes over 60 lbs may incur extra charges. Pack smartly and save!

Storage Tips for Specific Items:


  • Seal it right: Use at least 3 strips of heavy-duty packing tape (included!) on top and bottom. Avoid masking tape or string.

Carpets & Rugs:

  • Roll tight, tape well: Secure with tape at 3 points and cover with plastic for dust protection.

File Cabinets & Desks:

  • Tape drawers, protect surfaces: Close drawers with tape and cover surfaces with plastic/cardboard to prevent scratches.

  • Store hardware together: Place loose hardware in a labelled box for safekeeping. This service is optional at an additional fee.


  • Disassemble and tape: Separate shelves from the frame, tape them together tightly, and store hardware in a labelled box (optional service).

Futons & Mattresses:

  • Cover and label: Protect the mattress with plastic if possible and label both mattress and frame.

  • Write on tags: Use a marker on mattress and box spring tags in addition to the label, as tags may detach.

Metal Bed Frames:

  • Disassemble, tape, and label: Fold and tape pieces together, then label clearly. Secure any screws to the frame with tape.


  • Unplug 2 days prior: Ensure a 2-day defrosting period before pick-up.

  • Defrost and dry: The fridge must be completely dry at pick-up time.

  • Secure loose items: Ensure nothing moves around inside.

  • Tape door and cord: Secure the door shut and bundle the power cord to the back, avoiding loose ends.

  • Unthawed fee: Unthawed fridges incur a $50 fee.

Trunks & Luggage:

  • Lock or tape them shut: Prevent contents from spilling during handling.

  • Grab luggage tags: Pick them up during your supply delivery appointment.

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